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How our Training Works

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It’s very important that lone workers are fully acquainted with how their device works, they may one day have to rely upon it to summon urgent assistance. All Alertcom device training is delivered online in the form of short video clips with multiple choice questions and answers to test users on their understanding of the device before they start using it. Training can be re-taken any time, all backed up with downloadable user guides and fact sheets.

Existing Customers

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Example video clip of training module



The whole implementation process with Alertcom has been simple and straightforward.

- Greenfields Housing Association

Not only did we find the provider to meet our aims, but our choice was also the most cost effective provider.

- Basildon Borough Council

Incidents are thankfully very rare but it gives L&Q and our staff peace of mind to know that we have a reliable device to summon help should it be needed.

- London & Quadrant

I think that’s good for people to see that it’s actually working in real-life situations; it’s not just a box-ticking exercise.

- Genesis Housing

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